Ensemble masterclasses for music students and amateurs during the ZOOM! Chamber Music Festival 2018

From May 26 until June 3 the 2018 edition of the ZOOM! Festival will take place in Rheden, NL. Organised by the renowed Ruysdael Quartet there will be an intense week of concerts, workshops and masterclasses.

At this year’s festival it will be possible to join the masterclasses with any chamber music group. Lessons will be given by the members of the Ruysdael Quartet, Hannah Strijbosch (viola), Pierre Doumenge (cello), Gwyneth Wentink (harp), Simon Crawford-Phillips (piano) and Adrian Varela (violin).

There will be spaces for both music students and (advanced) amateurs. Classes start on Saturday May 26 and will run throughout the festival, culminating in a presentation concert on Saturday June 2. After the festival kicks off on May 30 most of the lessons will be public. Arrangements for accommodation, meals and concert tickets are available on request.

Prices: Students: €15 per 1,5 hr lesson/person Amateurs: €25 per 1,5 hr lesson/person

Like to sign up? Please send us an email on