Saturday, June 3rd – Pancake Concert

Pancake family concert Mini Mozart

3:30 p.m. Sint- Nicolaaskerk in Ellecom with post-concert pancakes from Strijland!

Soprano Johannette Zomer and bass-baritone Frans Fiselier, together with actor Peter Lusse (famous from TV and musicals) present The Marriage of Figaro. Except that this time the story goes slightly differently…
Whereas Mozart needs three hours and at least eleven soloists to present the story, this production has only Johannette and Frans singing all the many roles, with Peter clarifying the storyline in his well-known and hilarious manner. The orchestra is also transformed into a pocket-sized ensemble of piano, flute and string quartet. This concise yet engaging version of the world-famous opera, one could call it Figaro “light”, is based on text by Ivo van Wijs. After the concert four elected officials from the municipalities of Rozendaal, Rheden and Doesburg will bake pancakes for everyone!
Johannette Zomer, soprano
Frans Fiselier, bass-baritone
Peter Lusse, actor and narrator
Roele Kok, piano
Ilonka Kolthof, flute
The Ruysdael Quartet